Hindi Support Available in HTC Smartphone

Taiwan based Mobile phone company HTC has launched Hindi support for its HTC Explorer handset which is an android phone. Keeping an eye on fastly growing android market in India it has come up with first Hindi and Tamil interface android phones in India. HTC is also working on other Indian regional languages support in its smart phones.

The new HTC explorer will be equipped with Hindi language interface with complete display and input facility. After this move HTC has become the first smartphone maker to launch Hindi Android Phone. The best thing is Hindi input in android which is the most awaited application in Indian market. Now you can send and receive Hindi messages and compose your input content in your own language along with Hindi display support.

HTC explorer is a good budget phone with android 2.3 gingerbread version with 3 megapixel camera and 3.2 inch touchscreen. Its a good news for Hindi language smartphone users those were waiting hindi input facility for a long time.
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Hindi Display and Android

I purchase my first Android Phone Samsung Galaxy Y on recommendation of my friends. But I was not sure of Hindi fonts display on Android still I purchased it. I use opera mini browser in my Nokia phone for reading hindi text while surfing and its a good tool for non hindi displaying mobile phones to read hindi text so it was not the big issue for me.

I wanted to purchase a phone according to my budget and Galaxy Y was the best option before me with this latest Android Gingerbread Version. The amazing thing was after login with my google account its Gmail app was properly displaying my mails in hindi. I opened some hindi sites on its browser and it was great to see that my android phone was completely supporting and displaying hindi fonts. Some files in my memory card was named in Devanagari and it was displaying them properly.

Officially hindi and other regional language support is available in Android still users were complaining about not properly displaying regional language in it. I even queried a lot to techies about it but no one was sure and their only opinion was to use it before purchasing. I thought opera mini will do it so I purchased it from my retailer friend at a good deal lower than market price.
I also installed opera mini but it was not correctly displaying hindi text, I dont know why opera mini and even opera mobile browser are not friendly with my hindi display supporting phone.
Recently Samsung has announced it will release a update for hindi language input for Android. I am eagerly waiting for it. I used some tricks suggested my friends but these were not compatible with my phone to enable hindi input feature.

Overall I am Satisfied with this phone except its battery backup. I usually like to read news and blogs in it but while surfing with 2G network battery dischage is very fast. But Standby and talktime backup is satisfying. According to budget its a very good choice. I dont use gaming and other multimedia features like songs and movies so I can't comment on it.

I think Hindi typing will not be so easy with this small capacitive touch-screen. I am using qwerty virtual keypad first time and its a better experience than physical keypad. Now fingers are ready to type in my own language.
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Now Tweet in Hindi

Like Google, Facebook and other social networking platforms now twitter is ready to interact in hindi. Earlier hindi typing was possible in twitter and people were tweeting in hindi too. But now twitter is coming with its hindi interface to make it more friendly to hindi internet users on the web. Twitter has reached to 100 million active users out of 200 million registered users after five years of its launching. Now twitter is ready to lanch its interface in Asian languages this week.
In recent times micro-blogging platform twitter has appeared as the most powerful way to communicate to world. Now the media-groups are also dependent to it as its the fastest way of communication of our time. The power of this global platform can be imagined that even tweet of a common man may be the breaking news in world media.
Today we are celebrating 'Hindi Day' in India and its a good news for hindi-lovers around the globe using twitter.
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Hindi Learning Ebooks by Google

Learning Hindi is not a difficult task in today's techno-friendly world. Hindi cinema, tv and news channels are the good resources for the hindi language learners. Still it is necessary to have some good books if you really want to have a good command on language. Google books project is now a useful tool for the readers searching rich text and books for their purposes. These books are very helpful for the readers who are learning hindi as a foreign language. Like the other languages hindi should be start from the basics. Hindi grammar is also a essential part of it. Some good books are now available here for hindi learning to read online. To read them follow the links given here-

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Hindi Nursery Rhymes

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Hindi Rhymes and Poems for Kids

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Hindu Vedas Sanskrit Text in Hindi ebooks pdf

Vedas are the ancient text of hindu religion originally written in sanskrit. The foundation of hinduism is based on vedas written by hindu sages and saints. There are four ved in hindu religion. This holy text of our hindu religion is a rich source of knowledge and attract scholars to research on it but for a common reader its not easy to read and understand it because of language hurdle. Most of the Hinduism literature is available in Sanskrit language and only used for the purpose of worship and other Hindu rituals. But sometimes we feel to know what really it is then we have to face the difficulty of language. If this text will be available in our own language then it will be much easier to understand. We use bhashya written by scholars and some saints to understand the Vedas. Here we have find the all four veda with their hindi translation and meaning. These books are rare but now available in ebooks too.

To download or read all veda ebooks in hindi pdf please follow the given links-

To Download More Ebooks on Hinduism Click the Link Given Below-

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Best SMS on Congress Party and Anna Hazare

Once kapil sibbal, digvijay singh and manish tiwari
were travelling in a helicopter

sibbal drops a 100 rupee note and said:
" I made one poor Indian happy."

singh drops two fifty rupee note and said:
" I made two poor Indians happy."

manish drops 100 one rupee coins and said:
" I made hundred poor Indians happy."

Hearing this the pilot said:
" I will drop down all 3 of you,
and make '125 crore Indians forever happy."

The pilot was Anna Hazare.
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Hindi Novels Ebooks Collection

I have noticed many of hindi literature lovers usually try to find hindi novles on the internet. Hindi novel and fiction writing is widely read among hindi readers. Usually Hindi books readers use google search to findout the novel books according to their taste. Though not much useful search results come as only few novles in hindi are available online unlike hindi story and hindi poetry books and ebooks. Copyright is another issue about the availability of hindi books at internet. Still Some ebooks are available for the readers.

You can download some of popular hindi novels books from here-

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Hindi Essay Books Collection

This is the time of independence day celebration in the entire country. School students are participating in various activities organised at this occasion. Writing an essay is one of them. Generally on the topics related our freedom movement and other national and social issues. Essay writing competition for the school children are necessary to improve their writing skills and they also learn to have better command on language. This is a important part of students education during school life. Writing essays in any language makes a student good command of language with proper selection of words. The easiest way to learn and command a language is write something in it. Hindi is our mother tongue and national language so we should provide the environment of hindi learning to our students. Learn to write hindi is one of them. Essay books are also helpful for students to do better. Here I am giving the links of some good online books on essay provided by google books project-

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Home made Medicine for Cough and Cold

This is monsoon season and a peak time of viral diseases like cough, cold and fever. At this time we should give extra attention and care of our health. But we can easily refrain ourselves by giving little alertness in this season. In all our home we can find such material like spices and herbs, generally used in our meal, those have better curable elements than other medicines. So why should we not try these simple and easy home made medicines to cure ourselves and being healthy and enjoy the rain. Here is a video on how can we do it-

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Funny Hindi Microsoft Windows

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Support Anna Hazare : Real Hero of the Nation

Independence day celebrations are going to start but the another side this time a big public movement in the leadership of Anna Hazare is also going to start against the corruption and for a new bill of Jan Lokpal. The whole nation is ready. Some calling it the fight of independence, someone is saying fight against corruption and somebody is even comparing it with first war of independence of 1857.

The anger in a common indian is getting a voice and todays Gandhi Anna, as people call him, is ready to start his fast again with demand of a transparent and empowered Lokpal (public ombudsman as called in other nations).

The Belts have been tightened in cyber world also with social networking sites like twitter or facebook and blogs too. Even though if we have different point of view with Anna and team we should support him only because he is doing something at least. Some peoples call him Gandhi or some compare him with Loknayak Jayprakash Narayan. But he call himself a soldier of nation and we really salute him. peoples are even fearful about the conditions like emergency when Indira imposed emergency at the time of JP movement. But I think in todays conditions its not possible and if the current congress government and Sonia Gandhi do so then the congress will be a history forever.

Now a days internet is being called a very useful weapon after the experience of public anger against corrupt and dictator leadership in egypt, seria, tunicia and other nations in the last couple of months. Indian are ready too for this battle against corruption and black money. Even team Anna is also ready to take help of cyber tools and a page has been created at facebook to get support for Anna Hazar titled 'A week for the nation'.

Support Anna for a good cause on this 65th independence day. Save nation from Corruption and save the values of our tricolor.
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Collection of Hindi Language Audio Books

Lovers of literature and books like most of us used to be a book-worm years ago...but today do we really have time for reading books? yes, we hardly get time to read our favorite writer or book in our routine. Still we are giving time to the activities we really like to do. Like going for a walk or listening our favorite music during travel to workplace. but the habit of reading book has been left behind the sound of computer keyboards or iphones and ipods. We sometimes remember something we have lost during the process of being more high-tech.
But thanks to the technology to made things easier and according to our tech-savvy demand. Ebooks are the best example of it. For the peoples expend most of their time on computers have a habbit of reading a lot on computer-screen and sometimes they find its most suitable way to read anything on it. Thanks to ebooks. Without purchasing a hard copy you can save all your favorite books at a same place.
But there is another way being popular now a days. As we all have gadgets like iphone, ipod or mp3/mp4 music players. So we can download the books in audio format and can listen anytime with doing any other activity.
Here we are saying about the hindi books and literature available in mp3 audio format. Not much audiobooks are available in hindi. Still efforts are going on to provide hindi books and literature in audio format. Here we have find some popular hindi audiobooks download links-
Hindi Short Stories mp3 by Munshi Premchand
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Rare Pictures of India's First Independence Day

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Some Talk about Women's Health and Fitness

This is a big topic for discussion since a long time that women's issues are not given proper attention specially when we are talking about their health and fitness. But the bigger problem is that sometimes women themselves try to hide their problems because of some hesitation.

But more windows are opening and they are breathing in fresh-air. Thanks for internet where one can find the relevant material for his/her need. But what if there's a hurdle of language? we all know most of our population is hindi-speaking and its the need of the our that there should be appropriate material and sites for the subjects we are searching for. But now its becoming easier to access the information on a subject in our language.

I think in our traditional families a woman is not much aware of her health and sometimes find herself helpless about the issues related pregnancy, sex, menstrual disorders & gynecological problems, menopause, family planning and contraceptives etc. At this time she need proper guidance and help. Going to doctor or counceller is an option but its not possible sometimes or not quite affordable. For this women should have some better and authentic sources of information to remove confusion and fear related to it. Without addressing these issues properly or being ignorant about them is risky and sometimes causes severe diseases and other problems.

Some Good and informative material about women's issues and health is now available online and is advised to read such things that can guide you on these issues properly

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Online Google Books for Students and Kids

Online educational books for students and children's are easily available on internet on various subjects but hindi medium students face some difficulty to find the appropriate study material for informative and study related books. Especially books for little kids or junior students are not easily available in hindi. Apart from the school curriculum and text-books parents and teachers of the students want to provide some good books on various subjects including story books, historical books, books to improve the vocabulary, encyclopedia books and books to develop the reasoning and aptitude in child's. Its really a good practice to introduce the students to such literature to improve their skills and personality otherwise only reading textbooks and school education don't help more to development the brain and other necessary qualities whiting childs even such kind of education model distract students from the study and sometimes parents sometimes find themselves helpless to do anything for their growing children.

Here are some links of good educational books for young students collected from Google books project to provide free books online

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Get Free legal Advise in Hindi

Are you in a legal hassal? or facing a trial or someone is harrassing you. Are you in search of some advice related to legal matters? If you want the best suggestion related to law your search ends here.

Most of us sometimes have to face some problems and need legal guidence regarding it. We all are ruled by law according to our constitution and for some extent we all should have some knowledge related to it.
If we are going market and purchasing consumer products or going a restaurant for a meal and if we are getting treatment from a doctor then if we have got cheated we certainly have legal remedy under consumer law. You are a government servant or employee of a private company and your services has been terminated then you will have no option other than consulting a lawyer. Your relationship with spouse is breaking and you are in a matrimonial dispute then again you need a councel for best advise and handle your case. At each and every aspect of our life we face the matters and issues related to law and if we have a platform to discuss on it or have a consultant then we should take advantage of it.

Senior advocate dineshrai dwivedi from kota rajasthan is providing help to the people facing legal trouble since 2007 through his blog 'Teesara khamba'. The blog is also aimed to spread awareness about indian laws. It was initiated in 2007 and has been a great platform for its readers to gain knowledge and answers of their queries about legal issues. Legal literacy is becoming a urgent necessity for our society and more efforts are needed in this way because the efforts of our government and judiciary are not sufficient. Individual efforts like Mr. Dwivedi are really appreciable.

So if you have a question in mind or want to discuss something on law points you will definately get valuable assistance from Mr. Dineshrai dwivedi. He is not only a lawyer but also a good counceller too. You can post your question on his blog and get the best opinion. By Clicking the following URL you can visit Teesara Khamba blog.
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Hindi Satire and Humor from Google Books

Recently I was searching some jokes books in hindi on Google Books. I found some great Hindi Vyangya (satire) written by renowned authors Sharad Joshi, Gyan Chaturvedi, Yashwant Vyas and others. I have been the great admirer of Harishankar Parsai and Sharad Joshi and here on internet i got introduced with new age writers of hindi satire. Alok Puranik blog Agdam-Bagdam and Ashok Chakradhar are the favorite between hindi blog readers.

Here I am Sharing some links of google books on hindi satire, humor and jokes:

ज्ञान चतुर्वेदी की पुस्‍तक जो घर फूंके -

यशवंत व्‍यास का अब तक छप्‍पन -

शरद जोशी का यत्र तत्र सर्वत्र -

दीनानाथ मिश्र का पापी वोट के लिए -

रामेश्‍वरनाथ तिवारी का व्‍यंग्‍य संग्रह मुट्टन काका -

यशवंत कोठारी का नोटम नमामि -

प्रेमचंद स्‍वर्णकार का मीटिंग चालू आहे -

शरद जोशी का हम भ्रष्‍टन के भ्रष्‍ट हमारे -

विष्‍णु नागर का व्‍यंग्‍य देशसेवा का धंधा -

विष्‍णु नागर का व्‍यंग्‍य-संग्रह राष्‍ट्रीय नाक -

दीनानाथ मिश्र का हर हर व्‍यंग्‍ये -

आलोक पुराणिक का व्‍यंग्‍य नेता बनाम आलू -

ज्‍योतींद्र ह. दवे का हास्‍यं शरणं गच्‍छामि -

सुरेंद्र वर्मा का व्‍यंग्‍य कुर्सियां हिल रही हैं -

रमेशचंद्र महरोत्रा आ आड़ी टेढ़ी बात -

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Mahatma Gandhi University Offering MBA Course in Hindi

Mahatma Gandhi International Hindi University, Wardha is a well-known Institution for hindi medium courses in various streams. It also offers professional and career-oriented courses in hindi. To fulfill the vision of national language hindi as mentioned in Constitution of India the university was established in 1997. Wardha has been known as a place of Gandhiji and have been witnessed the independence movement of India. It was the wish of gandhiji to establish hindi a national language and be identify as a international language. The university was established by the central government to fulfill this vision. This is a central university. It offers residential n distance learning courses through its study-centres all over in India.

University is offering various management courses in hindi through distance learning mode. MBA, BBA, Post Graduate Diploma in Management can be joined by students from hindi medium background. Thousands of students are studying by distance learning MBA in Marketing, HR, Finance, Production and Operation, Information System Management System etc. For joining the above courses students have to pass a written test. The study material is provided by university through post. Students can appear in written test at the centres all-over in India.
For more information visit the official website of university here-
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Micromax will Launch Panini Hindi Keypad Mobile Handsets

The Largest Indian Mobile Phone Company Micromax is all set to launch the Range of Mobile Handsets equipped with Indian regional language support. In this move the company have recently tied-up with the Panini Hindi Keyboard developers.

After introducing better hindi and regional languages support by mobile phone manufacturers it's becoming easier to use the latest technology in our own language. But more development is needed in this way to make cellphones more user-friendly from the language point of view.
Other mobile phone giants Nokia, LG, Samsung, HTC have also launched range of mobile Handsets to cover-up the demand of reginal language mobile phone users. Now a large range of unicode-hindi supporting mobile phones are available in market.
But Keypad development for hindi and other language is also a chalange.

This is a good initiative from micromax for developing and supporting hindi and regional language mobile phones for Indian market. According to sources Panini will be available in virtual keypad form in the micromax cellphones. Internet-user in Hindi might have known this keyboard as the easiest and the best user-friendly keyboard. Now using this feature on mobile phone will be a worth experience.
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Language is no more hurdle for UPSC Exam

Aspiring to be a civil servant? but language is a hurdle so there is a good news for you. In the year 2010 one of the aspirant in UPSC exam filed a Public Interest Litigation before the High Court of Mumbai questioning the current model of main examination and Interview. It was objected in the petition that a candidate is bound to opt the language for the Interview what he/she have selected for mains.

Now after the decision of Mumbai high-court in favour of the petitioner the UPSC has announced to adopt a new model in which a candidate appearing for the Viva can opt same language or any language other than written examination. But the language should be opted from the list of the language mentioned in eight schedule of the Indian Constitution.

After the above decision an expert-committee has been constituted by UPSC and according to its recommendations the forms for the mains(written) exam are being prepared for the year 2010.
Till now English was the compulsory language for the personality test(Interview). But now if aspirants are writing their exam in english can opt any language including Hindi for their Interview.

Recently UPSC has adapted the new pattern of exam calling Civil Services Aptitude Test(CSAT). Now there are only two exams- one for General Knowledge and second for Aptitude test.
The new move of the UPSC is also helpful for a large section of the aspirants including the aspirants appearing from Hindi Medium.
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Munshi Premchand Ki Kahaniyan

In our School time we all have read stories of Munshi Premchand as a part of our hindi language curriculum. We know him as Hindi Sahitya Samrat but I call him 'Jan Sahitya Samrat' coz no hindi writer earned the popularity like him in Hindi Literature world. His popularity is beyond the time. He is not only known as hindi writer but also have the same position in urdu literature.
He is the writer of common man and that makes Premchand most popular writer in mass. The simple language of story-telling and the stories woven with the relistic characters makes the experience of reading him really great.
Premchand have focused on social problems, human behavior and relationship. He raised issues related to a common indian man of british-raj. I think alongwith depicticting realistic characters he also wrote the history of the society and life of that time. We can mark the social changes and realities of rural society in his works.

In a short span of Life Munshi Premchand written more than any other hindi writer. He wrote more than 300 stories and about 40 novel. Apart from it many essays, short stories, plays, poems, letters etc. His works was widely translated and published in other indian and foreign languages, russian and english too.
His most famous stories are Panch Parmeshwar, Idgah, Poos ki Raat, Boodhi Kaki, heera-moti, Namak ka Daroga, Shatranj ke Khiladi, Kafan, Gilli Danda.
Godan, Gaban, Nirmala, Rangbhoomi and Karmbhumi are the most popular novels of hindi sahitya.
Some movies and Tv Serials also made on his works. The Recent TV serial brodcasted on doordarshan was Tahreer Munshi Premchand ki based on his novel Godan made by Gulzar.
Most of His work is available online as its copyright free.

Some of his best Stories are collected by Mr. Raman Kaul. You can get the entire list of these stories from this link-

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Watch Online Hindi Movies at YouTube Boxoffice

Are you a movie-lover and fed-up with the long queues of cinema theatre's and want to stay your home with watching your favourite bollywood movies then good news for you. Online video sharing site youtube has launched its new channel 'YouTube Box Office' to showcase bollywood blockbuster movies online free of cost. It will also showcase the making of the movie and other deleted scenes in addition.

This new service of Youtube will also help to fight piracy of bollywood movies at internet which is the biggest threat for bollywood movie-makers. But how they are providing big-banner movies free of cost, youtube says its a ad supporting service and we are contacting more sponsers. They have already tied-up with Intel.

Now they are planning to show big bollywood blockbusters every month. Starting with the premiere of Yash Raj Movies' Band Baaja Baarat, its a good initiative in India to provide High Definition quality movies on a mouse click.
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Download Ramcharitmanas in Hindi Ebook

Ramcharitmanas by Goswami Tulsidas is a great epic of Hindu Religion. Every Hindu Keeps a hardcopy of it in his Pooja-Ghar at home. It depicts the whole journey of Maryada Purushottam ShriRam. Its not only the story of Lord Rama's life and works but also includes social messages in its Chaupaiyaan. The character of Shri Ramchandra is followable in every mean. But the real thig is the pleasure of reding this epic make it the best epic even in any language.

Its really a proud to get inspiration from Maryada Purushottan Bhagwan Shri Ram while reading thats why the great Hindi poet Maithili Sharan Gup has wrote-

‘‘राम तुम्हारा चरित्र स्वयं ही काव्य है,
कोई कवि बन जाय सहज सम्भाव्य है।’’

To Read and Download Ramcharitmanas Hindi Ebook Click Here.

For more Hindi Ebooks Click here.
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Help Microsoft to Improve Hindi Terminology

As a large number of Hindi-Speaking users using computer and Internet, the technology and software biggies are now serious on it. In recent times a large number of hindi software and portals have been developed and its becoming easier day by day to work in our own language.
Microsoft is offering Hindi speakers to participate in improving its Windows Hindi terminology. Microsoft is getting Feedback of Hindi-knowing users to improve its 'windows user interface.' If you really interested to improve microsoft hindi-terminology and translations, you can help it.

Its a Simple process. To Start Click Here.
Now you have to sign-in to your windows Live ID. After signing-in click on the glossary link. You will find the list of english terms alongwith its hindi terminology. Now you can suggest the hindi translation any of english-term or comment or vote on existing terms. You can add your feedback till june 3.
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'Hindustan Jobs' - New Hindi weekly newspaper

The renowned media company HT Media Group has announced to launch a weekly newspaper HINDUSTAN JOBS for job seekers and career news in hindi, after employment news which is a government pulication it would provide valuable news and updates related careers and jobs in hindi. Group have said it will cover-up private-sector job information also alongwith government jobs as its prior goverment-run 'employment news' only give information related government and public-sector jobs. It will be available on newsstands by may 8, 2011 and offer price is only Rs. 7

For Job alerts and latest vacancies You can visit-
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Nokia C3 with Inscript Hindi Keyboard

For a long time I was in search of a good hindi enabled mobile phone. I went in a store and ask the salesman to show me some good cellphone with hindi keyboard. There are two kind of hindi enabled mobile phones with hindi typing keyboard- one with keyboard on screen and the other is physical hindi keyboard.

After finding such models i had to select the best one according to my demand. I had three mobile phones in hand. window mobile, LG GS 290 and NOKIA C3. The only handset with physical hindi keyboard was Nokia and the best thing keyboard was in inscript typing layout. As i type hindi in inscript format so it was really interesting to type in inscript on Nokia C3 mobile handset.

The other features are- best battery backup of about 3 days, wi-fi facility, 2 megapixel camera and the price nearly Rs. 5500. This handset really impressed me. I think its the best mobile phone handset for hindi users and also for hindi bloggers. We can easily post on our blog with its GPRS facility. Thanks Nokia.
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Bollywood Glamour magazine FILMFARE now in Hindi

Its good news for bollywood and glamour lovers the no. 1 film magazine of India will be available in hindi now. according to the sources the magazine has been launched in hindi to focus a big market of hindi readers. Since its beginning filmfare has been the top film magazine in the countrywide but still it was not in reach of a large hindi cinema lovers as it was only available in english.

This will be a monthly magazine with offer price of Rs. 40. Its a worldwide media publication aims to target the big market of hindi and hindi readers. fter launching Femina hindi edition, the company got overwhelming response. After this company is expecting the hindi edition of filmfare to be a great success.

Sonakshi Sinha is on its cover page of its introductory issue of may. Celebrity Interviews, filmy gossips, photoshoot and lot more in this upcoming issue.
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The world of Hindi Text Messages

Most of us usually likes to forward text messages to our friends and loved ones. I think the texting is a good way to be in touch with peoples as we all are busy and dont have time to give longer talks on phone, and sometimes its also not much suitable to our pocket.

But as being a hindi lover and hindi spoken person we all send and recieve messages in hindi although the script is roman. Though some devnagri enabled mobile phones are available in market but not in the reach of everyone. But in coming time it will be easier to send sms in devnagri script in which we all love to read them.

There is a huge collection of hindi SMS on web, where we can find some good sms for every mood, occassion etc.

I recently created a blog for hindi text messages. Here you can find messages for every mood- loce and romantic messages, shayari, sms jokes, messages for any occassion. So ur search for hindi sms is stop here. Findout all kind of sms you want.

Plz visit, click-

a funny message from this blog-

संता समुंदर में दही डाल रहा था.

बंता- क्‍या कर रहे हो ?

संता- लस्‍सी बना रहा हूं .

बंता- इसीलिए लोग हम पर जोक बनाते हैं.
इतनी लस्‍सी क्‍या तेरा बाप पियेगा ?
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