Support Anna Hazare : Real Hero of the Nation

Independence day celebrations are going to start but the another side this time a big public movement in the leadership of Anna Hazare is also going to start against the corruption and for a new bill of Jan Lokpal. The whole nation is ready. Some calling it the fight of independence, someone is saying fight against corruption and somebody is even comparing it with first war of independence of 1857.

The anger in a common indian is getting a voice and todays Gandhi Anna, as people call him, is ready to start his fast again with demand of a transparent and empowered Lokpal (public ombudsman as called in other nations).

The Belts have been tightened in cyber world also with social networking sites like twitter or facebook and blogs too. Even though if we have different point of view with Anna and team we should support him only because he is doing something at least. Some peoples call him Gandhi or some compare him with Loknayak Jayprakash Narayan. But he call himself a soldier of nation and we really salute him. peoples are even fearful about the conditions like emergency when Indira imposed emergency at the time of JP movement. But I think in todays conditions its not possible and if the current congress government and Sonia Gandhi do so then the congress will be a history forever.

Now a days internet is being called a very useful weapon after the experience of public anger against corrupt and dictator leadership in egypt, seria, tunicia and other nations in the last couple of months. Indian are ready too for this battle against corruption and black money. Even team Anna is also ready to take help of cyber tools and a page has been created at facebook to get support for Anna Hazar titled 'A week for the nation'.

Support Anna for a good cause on this 65th independence day. Save nation from Corruption and save the values of our tricolor.

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