New hindi websites

Recently i gone through some really interesting hindi websites on various topics. Now a days many web developers are developing websites for hindi knowing peoples. Some organisations are also maintaining some good web portals in hindi to reach a large hindi-speaking population. Business organisations are reaching to their new customers and clients by breaking this language barrier. The quality material, previously available only in english, now avaialable for hindi-knowing internet users..
health and therapies
water conservation portal
indian multi commodity exchange
news related electronics
social responsibility of corporates
career guide
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Hindi Domain names available

From the beginning of the internet you were typing only english domain names or URL as web-address of a website. But there's is a good news for this new year. From 2010 you can choose the domain name for your website in hindi. Now you not need to type roman names for your own website. You can choose and register a domain name in hindi and type it in devnagri. The international corporation for assigned names and numbers has given green signal for this project and now in 2010 hindi domain names will be available.
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