Micromax will Launch Panini Hindi Keypad Mobile Handsets

The Largest Indian Mobile Phone Company Micromax is all set to launch the Range of Mobile Handsets equipped with Indian regional language support. In this move the company have recently tied-up with the Panini Hindi Keyboard developers.

After introducing better hindi and regional languages support by mobile phone manufacturers it's becoming easier to use the latest technology in our own language. But more development is needed in this way to make cellphones more user-friendly from the language point of view.
Other mobile phone giants Nokia, LG, Samsung, HTC have also launched range of mobile Handsets to cover-up the demand of reginal language mobile phone users. Now a large range of unicode-hindi supporting mobile phones are available in market.
But Keypad development for hindi and other language is also a chalange.

This is a good initiative from micromax for developing and supporting hindi and regional language mobile phones for Indian market. According to sources Panini will be available in virtual keypad form in the micromax cellphones. Internet-user in Hindi might have known this keyboard as the easiest and the best user-friendly keyboard. Now using this feature on mobile phone will be a worth experience.
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Language is no more hurdle for UPSC Exam

Aspiring to be a civil servant? but language is a hurdle so there is a good news for you. In the year 2010 one of the aspirant in UPSC exam filed a Public Interest Litigation before the High Court of Mumbai questioning the current model of main examination and Interview. It was objected in the petition that a candidate is bound to opt the language for the Interview what he/she have selected for mains.

Now after the decision of Mumbai high-court in favour of the petitioner the UPSC has announced to adopt a new model in which a candidate appearing for the Viva can opt same language or any language other than written examination. But the language should be opted from the list of the language mentioned in eight schedule of the Indian Constitution.

After the above decision an expert-committee has been constituted by UPSC and according to its recommendations the forms for the mains(written) exam are being prepared for the year 2010.
Till now English was the compulsory language for the personality test(Interview). But now if aspirants are writing their exam in english can opt any language including Hindi for their Interview.

Recently UPSC has adapted the new pattern of exam calling Civil Services Aptitude Test(CSAT). Now there are only two exams- one for General Knowledge and second for Aptitude test.
The new move of the UPSC is also helpful for a large section of the aspirants including the aspirants appearing from Hindi Medium.
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Munshi Premchand Ki Kahaniyan

In our School time we all have read stories of Munshi Premchand as a part of our hindi language curriculum. We know him as Hindi Sahitya Samrat but I call him 'Jan Sahitya Samrat' coz no hindi writer earned the popularity like him in Hindi Literature world. His popularity is beyond the time. He is not only known as hindi writer but also have the same position in urdu literature.
He is the writer of common man and that makes Premchand most popular writer in mass. The simple language of story-telling and the stories woven with the relistic characters makes the experience of reading him really great.
Premchand have focused on social problems, human behavior and relationship. He raised issues related to a common indian man of british-raj. I think alongwith depicticting realistic characters he also wrote the history of the society and life of that time. We can mark the social changes and realities of rural society in his works.

In a short span of Life Munshi Premchand written more than any other hindi writer. He wrote more than 300 stories and about 40 novel. Apart from it many essays, short stories, plays, poems, letters etc. His works was widely translated and published in other indian and foreign languages, russian and english too.
His most famous stories are Panch Parmeshwar, Idgah, Poos ki Raat, Boodhi Kaki, heera-moti, Namak ka Daroga, Shatranj ke Khiladi, Kafan, Gilli Danda.
Godan, Gaban, Nirmala, Rangbhoomi and Karmbhumi are the most popular novels of hindi sahitya.
Some movies and Tv Serials also made on his works. The Recent TV serial brodcasted on doordarshan was Tahreer Munshi Premchand ki based on his novel Godan made by Gulzar.
Most of His work is available online as its copyright free.

Some of his best Stories are collected by Mr. Raman Kaul. You can get the entire list of these stories from this link-

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Watch Online Hindi Movies at YouTube Boxoffice

Are you a movie-lover and fed-up with the long queues of cinema theatre's and want to stay your home with watching your favourite bollywood movies then good news for you. Online video sharing site youtube has launched its new channel 'YouTube Box Office' to showcase bollywood blockbuster movies online free of cost. It will also showcase the making of the movie and other deleted scenes in addition.

This new service of Youtube will also help to fight piracy of bollywood movies at internet which is the biggest threat for bollywood movie-makers. But how they are providing big-banner movies free of cost, youtube says its a ad supporting service and we are contacting more sponsers. They have already tied-up with Intel.

Now they are planning to show big bollywood blockbusters every month. Starting with the premiere of Yash Raj Movies' Band Baaja Baarat, its a good initiative in India to provide High Definition quality movies on a mouse click.
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Download Ramcharitmanas in Hindi Ebook

Ramcharitmanas by Goswami Tulsidas is a great epic of Hindu Religion. Every Hindu Keeps a hardcopy of it in his Pooja-Ghar at home. It depicts the whole journey of Maryada Purushottam ShriRam. Its not only the story of Lord Rama's life and works but also includes social messages in its Chaupaiyaan. The character of Shri Ramchandra is followable in every mean. But the real thig is the pleasure of reding this epic make it the best epic even in any language.

Its really a proud to get inspiration from Maryada Purushottan Bhagwan Shri Ram while reading thats why the great Hindi poet Maithili Sharan Gup has wrote-

‘‘राम तुम्हारा चरित्र स्वयं ही काव्य है,
कोई कवि बन जाय सहज सम्भाव्य है।’’

To Read and Download Ramcharitmanas Hindi Ebook Click Here.

For more Hindi Ebooks Click here.
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