Nokia C3 with Inscript Hindi Keyboard

For a long time I was in search of a good hindi enabled mobile phone. I went in a store and ask the salesman to show me some good cellphone with hindi keyboard. There are two kind of hindi enabled mobile phones with hindi typing keyboard- one with keyboard on screen and the other is physical hindi keyboard.

After finding such models i had to select the best one according to my demand. I had three mobile phones in hand. window mobile, LG GS 290 and NOKIA C3. The only handset with physical hindi keyboard was Nokia and the best thing keyboard was in inscript typing layout. As i type hindi in inscript format so it was really interesting to type in inscript on Nokia C3 mobile handset.

The other features are- best battery backup of about 3 days, wi-fi facility, 2 megapixel camera and the price nearly Rs. 5500. This handset really impressed me. I think its the best mobile phone handset for hindi users and also for hindi bloggers. We can easily post on our blog with its GPRS facility. Thanks Nokia.
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Bollywood Glamour magazine FILMFARE now in Hindi

Its good news for bollywood and glamour lovers the no. 1 film magazine of India will be available in hindi now. according to the sources the magazine has been launched in hindi to focus a big market of hindi readers. Since its beginning filmfare has been the top film magazine in the countrywide but still it was not in reach of a large hindi cinema lovers as it was only available in english.

This will be a monthly magazine with offer price of Rs. 40. Its a worldwide media publication aims to target the big market of hindi and hindi readers. fter launching Femina hindi edition, the company got overwhelming response. After this company is expecting the hindi edition of filmfare to be a great success.

Sonakshi Sinha is on its cover page of its introductory issue of may. Celebrity Interviews, filmy gossips, photoshoot and lot more in this upcoming issue.
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The world of Hindi Text Messages

Most of us usually likes to forward text messages to our friends and loved ones. I think the texting is a good way to be in touch with peoples as we all are busy and dont have time to give longer talks on phone, and sometimes its also not much suitable to our pocket.

But as being a hindi lover and hindi spoken person we all send and recieve messages in hindi although the script is roman. Though some devnagri enabled mobile phones are available in market but not in the reach of everyone. But in coming time it will be easier to send sms in devnagri script in which we all love to read them.

There is a huge collection of hindi SMS on web, where we can find some good sms for every mood, occassion etc.

I recently created a blog for hindi text messages. Here you can find messages for every mood- loce and romantic messages, shayari, sms jokes, messages for any occassion. So ur search for hindi sms is stop here. Findout all kind of sms you want.

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a funny message from this blog-

संता समुंदर में दही डाल रहा था.

बंता- क्‍या कर रहे हो ?

संता- लस्‍सी बना रहा हूं .

बंता- इसीलिए लोग हम पर जोक बनाते हैं.
इतनी लस्‍सी क्‍या तेरा बाप पियेगा ?
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