Mozilla Firefox hindi version is available

Friends as we all love hindi still we open hindi websites in other language browsers. Since a long time hindi lovers were waiting for a browser in their own language and now its available. Mozilla corporation has launched its beta version recently. Its also available in other indian regional languages.

You can download it from Here.
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Breaking News These Days

What will you say after watching this?

Is this journalism?

Is this the fourth piller of democracy?

Yeah...this is the reality of indian news channels-

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Computer Vs Hindi Films

Computer Vs. Hindi Films:-

1) Pentium III & Pentium I ---- Bade miyan Chhote miyan.

2) Computer infected by Virus - Pyar to Hona hitha.

3) Hard disk and Floppy disk - Gharwaali Baharwaali.

4)F1 - Guide.

5) Esc - Nau Do Gyarah.

6) Ctrl Alt Del - AkhriRastaa.

7) CrtlC CtrlV - Duplicate.

8) Undo - Aa ab lautchale.

9) Super User Password - Gupt.

10) BackUp - Jaagteraho.

11) UPS - Janta Hawaldar.

12) Server -Godfather.

13) Proxy Server - Padosan.

14) Security -Nakabandi.

15) Storage - Tehkhana.

16) Storage capacity -Badhti ka naam Dadhi.

17) Computer without RAM - KoraKagaz.

18) Computer whose OS is DOS - Buddha mil gaya.

19)System which frequently requires bootable disk - Sharabi.

20) DumbTerminal - Anari.

21) Mouse - Jaanwar.

22) Hard Disk partition- Batwara.

23) Hardware & Software - Ek duje ke liye.

24)Tempo rary file - Khote Sikkey.

25) Operator vs Computer - Meinkhiladi Tu Anadi
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