Children Hindi Magazine Abhinav Balmann

I remember my summer holidays of early school-life when my parents had to purchase a lot of magazine for me like Balhans, Nanhe Samrat, Nandan, Champak etc. I was a die-hard lover of children's magazines that time especially I was fond of Stories and got the opportunity of listening mythological stories from my Grandmother.

Today I don't know much about the world of Kids. I find them busy in computer and mobile games, cartoons and internet. But I am sure that mostly child's are still very curious about books and magazine other than their school textbooks. I think these kinda stuff is very necessary for the development of growing Kids and should be available in school library and home too.

'Abhinav Balmann' is the magazine for Kids and the most special thing is that it publishes the story, poems, paintings written and made by children. This is a unique effort to provide such a good hindi magazine for kids where they can get published their own writings and other stuff. Now this quarterly magazine is also available in web version. You can read it by visiting Here.
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iphone Siri Welcomes you in Hindi

The next time you will talk to your iphone 4s assistant Siri it can amaze you by answering in Hindi even when you are talking it in English. Yes Siri which was introduced last year with iphone 4S is available in various languages including Hindi.

Yet it is not officially launch with hindi support but it has made possible by Kunal Kaul a iOS developer. Kunal have done it by connecting SIRI ti Google API Server to make it ineract in Hindi. According to him more work to be done to make a fully hindi Supporting version of Siri.

You can watch a video of this wonderful effort by the developer-

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