Collection of Hindi Language Audio Books

Lovers of literature and books like most of us used to be a book-worm years ago...but today do we really have time for reading books? yes, we hardly get time to read our favorite writer or book in our routine. Still we are giving time to the activities we really like to do. Like going for a walk or listening our favorite music during travel to workplace. but the habit of reading book has been left behind the sound of computer keyboards or iphones and ipods. We sometimes remember something we have lost during the process of being more high-tech.
But thanks to the technology to made things easier and according to our tech-savvy demand. Ebooks are the best example of it. For the peoples expend most of their time on computers have a habbit of reading a lot on computer-screen and sometimes they find its most suitable way to read anything on it. Thanks to ebooks. Without purchasing a hard copy you can save all your favorite books at a same place.
But there is another way being popular now a days. As we all have gadgets like iphone, ipod or mp3/mp4 music players. So we can download the books in audio format and can listen anytime with doing any other activity.
Here we are saying about the hindi books and literature available in mp3 audio format. Not much audiobooks are available in hindi. Still efforts are going on to provide hindi books and literature in audio format. Here we have find some popular hindi audiobooks download links-
Hindi Short Stories mp3 by Munshi Premchand

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