Some Talk about Women's Health and Fitness

This is a big topic for discussion since a long time that women's issues are not given proper attention specially when we are talking about their health and fitness. But the bigger problem is that sometimes women themselves try to hide their problems because of some hesitation.

But more windows are opening and they are breathing in fresh-air. Thanks for internet where one can find the relevant material for his/her need. But what if there's a hurdle of language? we all know most of our population is hindi-speaking and its the need of the our that there should be appropriate material and sites for the subjects we are searching for. But now its becoming easier to access the information on a subject in our language.

I think in our traditional families a woman is not much aware of her health and sometimes find herself helpless about the issues related pregnancy, sex, menstrual disorders & gynecological problems, menopause, family planning and contraceptives etc. At this time she need proper guidance and help. Going to doctor or counceller is an option but its not possible sometimes or not quite affordable. For this women should have some better and authentic sources of information to remove confusion and fear related to it. Without addressing these issues properly or being ignorant about them is risky and sometimes causes severe diseases and other problems.

Some Good and informative material about women's issues and health is now available online and is advised to read such things that can guide you on these issues properly

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