Online Google Books for Students and Kids

Online educational books for students and children's are easily available on internet on various subjects but hindi medium students face some difficulty to find the appropriate study material for informative and study related books. Especially books for little kids or junior students are not easily available in hindi. Apart from the school curriculum and text-books parents and teachers of the students want to provide some good books on various subjects including story books, historical books, books to improve the vocabulary, encyclopedia books and books to develop the reasoning and aptitude in child's. Its really a good practice to introduce the students to such literature to improve their skills and personality otherwise only reading textbooks and school education don't help more to development the brain and other necessary qualities whiting childs even such kind of education model distract students from the study and sometimes parents sometimes find themselves helpless to do anything for their growing children.

Here are some links of good educational books for young students collected from Google books project to provide free books online

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