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Are you in a legal hassal? or facing a trial or someone is harrassing you. Are you in search of some advice related to legal matters? If you want the best suggestion related to law your search ends here.

Most of us sometimes have to face some problems and need legal guidence regarding it. We all are ruled by law according to our constitution and for some extent we all should have some knowledge related to it.
If we are going market and purchasing consumer products or going a restaurant for a meal and if we are getting treatment from a doctor then if we have got cheated we certainly have legal remedy under consumer law. You are a government servant or employee of a private company and your services has been terminated then you will have no option other than consulting a lawyer. Your relationship with spouse is breaking and you are in a matrimonial dispute then again you need a councel for best advise and handle your case. At each and every aspect of our life we face the matters and issues related to law and if we have a platform to discuss on it or have a consultant then we should take advantage of it.

Senior advocate dineshrai dwivedi from kota rajasthan is providing help to the people facing legal trouble since 2007 through his blog 'Teesara khamba'. The blog is also aimed to spread awareness about indian laws. It was initiated in 2007 and has been a great platform for its readers to gain knowledge and answers of their queries about legal issues. Legal literacy is becoming a urgent necessity for our society and more efforts are needed in this way because the efforts of our government and judiciary are not sufficient. Individual efforts like Mr. Dwivedi are really appreciable.

So if you have a question in mind or want to discuss something on law points you will definately get valuable assistance from Mr. Dineshrai dwivedi. He is not only a lawyer but also a good counceller too. You can post your question on his blog and get the best opinion. By Clicking the following URL you can visit Teesara Khamba blog.


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If I'm not able to give card payment for a private bank so any leagal action

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