Hindi Encyclopedia on Internet

Friends i have got some good links related to hindi encyclopedia. Here are some good hindi encyclopedia available on internet. You can access these online hindi encyclopedia for hindi related content available online.

Hindi Wikipedia- the largest hindi encyclopedia on web. access various subjects and material only in hindi

Hindi encyclopedia- created by cdac noida

Balgyan Vigyan encyclopedia- science encyclopedia for school children in hindi.

Arambhik Vigyan Kosh- science encyclopedia by google books.

General Knowledge encyclopedia- in hindi

Science encyclopedia- in hindi
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Hindi supporting Mobile phones

After accessing and using hindi websites and applications on internet through laptop or PC's now i need to get such on through my mobile handset as most of the time i have to travel and i cant access internet from computer when i need.
For some days i was searching a mobile phone compatible with GPRS system and with hindi support..
I found some nice cell phones supporting high-speed internet but i failed to found a handset supporting hindi display with input. Still there is a good news...some touchscreen windows mobile handsets are displaying hindi and we can access hindi sites in windows mobile phones...some of them are also supporting hindi input to type hindi words but it needs some extra software support to input hindi script in such phones.
I found a good and affordable phone for using and accessing hindi...This is HTC Touch Viva windows touchscreen mobile phone and available nearly 14,000 rupees...I think the best hindi supporting mobile available in market.
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