Munshi Premchand Ki Kahaniyan

In our School time we all have read stories of Munshi Premchand as a part of our hindi language curriculum. We know him as Hindi Sahitya Samrat but I call him 'Jan Sahitya Samrat' coz no hindi writer earned the popularity like him in Hindi Literature world. His popularity is beyond the time. He is not only known as hindi writer but also have the same position in urdu literature.
He is the writer of common man and that makes Premchand most popular writer in mass. The simple language of story-telling and the stories woven with the relistic characters makes the experience of reading him really great.
Premchand have focused on social problems, human behavior and relationship. He raised issues related to a common indian man of british-raj. I think alongwith depicticting realistic characters he also wrote the history of the society and life of that time. We can mark the social changes and realities of rural society in his works.

In a short span of Life Munshi Premchand written more than any other hindi writer. He wrote more than 300 stories and about 40 novel. Apart from it many essays, short stories, plays, poems, letters etc. His works was widely translated and published in other indian and foreign languages, russian and english too.
His most famous stories are Panch Parmeshwar, Idgah, Poos ki Raat, Boodhi Kaki, heera-moti, Namak ka Daroga, Shatranj ke Khiladi, Kafan, Gilli Danda.
Godan, Gaban, Nirmala, Rangbhoomi and Karmbhumi are the most popular novels of hindi sahitya.
Some movies and Tv Serials also made on his works. The Recent TV serial brodcasted on doordarshan was Tahreer Munshi Premchand ki based on his novel Godan made by Gulzar.
Most of His work is available online as its copyright free.

Some of his best Stories are collected by Mr. Raman Kaul. You can get the entire list of these stories from this link-


Ruchika Sharma said...

मुंशी प्रेमचंद की कहानियां बचपन में स्‍कूल की किताबों में बहुत पढ़ीं, जुम्‍मन और अलगू चौधरी अब तक याद हैं...बाद में उनके कुछ उपन्‍यास गोदान, गबन और निर्मला भी पढ़े, वाकई हिन्‍दी साहित्‍य में उनके जैसा कोई नहीं,
really thnx to provide such links for the stories and literature of premchand

Ritu said...

thnx a lot.
i have been a great fan of munshi premchand since ma childhood....i used to read premchand short stories in my school textbooks. during college life i used to read the literary work of premchand in library for whole the day...he is the best and my favorite...
its such a great effort to provide the collection of premchand books also in search of the pdf ebooks of munshi premchand works

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