Google Services in Hindi

Google has been providing various services in Hindi language. These services have attracted more users to internet who know hindi. Its really a good experience to use internet in our own language hindi.
Lets have a look on the services google providing in Hindi-

1. Google Hindi news - Hindi news from all Hindi websites and newspapers.

2. Google Hindi Directory - Hindi content available on internet.

3. Google Hindi notepad - For easy typing in hindi.

4. Google Transliteration - To read any english website in hindi by translate facility.

5. Google web search help - You can get help related google web search. So many FAQ are given here.

6. iGoogle Hindi -

7. Google Search language help - You can search here any word or sentence in your own language and find it in another language.

8. Google search in hindi - Type any word in roman and it will convert phonetically in hindi and will provide results in hindi.

9. Google Desktop in Hindi - Informations are available at your desktop. You can search the content of your computer alongwith internet with google desktop in hindi.

10. Google Chrome in Hindi - Google web browser google chrome is also available in hindi. Now you can surf internet in hindi easily.

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